Stowe Vermont 10-11-2019-100-Edit-Edit
Steam in the Snow 1-3-2015-90-Edit
Sleepy Hollow Farm 3-16-2017-141-Edit-Edit
New York City 4-14-2018-13-Edit-Edit
Montpelier Farms 5-27-2017-132-Edit
Mass North Shore 10-16-2015-34-Edit
Notch Train A77 10-6-2015-4-Edit
Henniker Covered Bridge 10-14-2014-52-Edit
Enders Falls Connecticut-27
Conway Scenic Railroad 10-3-2017-15-Edit
BLVF 3-21-2017-177-Edit
Two Rivers Steam Special 2017 Excursion Train 10-28-2017-211-Edit
Bar Harbor Sunrise 10-12-2016-109
Artists Bluff Franconia, New Hampshire 7-16-2016-10-2
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I am a rural landscape, commercial, and corporate photographer I live in the Montpelier area of Vermont.
I have a love for Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine.

My love is capturing the amazing natural and rural landscapes of Vermont and many of the surrounding states.

My favorite time of the year is Autumn. The cooler days and nights make for some beautiful photographs.

I do have a deep-down love for old farms and trains!.

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